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Does this app make me compliant with accessibility laws?

The solution to accessibility is not at all Click – install – Done kind of activity. This is true for any Accessibility toolbar/plugin out there in the market.

However, Using our app is a good start. You can stay complaint with respect to WCAG 2.1 AA, Section 508, and the ADA using our app.

Generally, lawsuits get dismissed if you show some concern about accessibility on your site. Our app helps you with it.

On the other side, this app is not an insurance package against the lawsuits. In fact, no company will give you a guarantee card whatsoever.

That said, Few elements of the website may not be still compliant. Because every website is unique.

If you should make the website 100% compliant and work well with the screen reader then you should get accessibility audit done and fix this issue.

Go to Accessibility Checkup Service to get the accessibility audit done for your website.