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An accessibility audit is a process of evaluation of how well your website supports the needs of users with disabilities.

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Nothing in the world is 100% error-free! Even when we read a daily newspaper sometimes we come across small mistakes. Simple issues such as spelling, grammar, printing errors, etc.

So, it is best to get your websites checked with respect to accessibility issues. Also, from time to time you have to be sure that your website follows all the web accessibility laws and guidelines to avoid lawsuits. (Such as Section 508, ADA, WCAG Standards, so on )

The process followed to get the checking done is called Accessibility Audit. Web accessibility audits provide an in-depth, page-by-page analysis of your website. The main goal of an accessibility audit is to identify accessibility issues of your website.

You are making your website more accessible to reduce barriers during internet usage for the disabled. If your website has issues then they create inconvenience to your users in using your website fully.

These issues can give a bad experience of using your content to your users and hurt your brand reputation. Hence Audit helps you overcome all these problems.

You can do an accessibility audit in two ways: automated and manually. First, you can run an automated accessibility check by using the Accessibility Scanner (Also called checker, monitor, etc).

A scanner will recognize issues if any and also suggest the necessary changes. But will the automated check spot all issues on your website?

Of course not! I don’t think technology can ever overtake the human brain and smartness. And also a machine check is not 100% accurate. So you will have to go with manual testing.

That is you have to get your website checked by accessibility experts. These are the people who have a good amount of experience in accessibility. They will be certified in web accessibility.

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How is accessibility audit done?

Accessibility experts check for all commonly know issues of accessibility using different browsers and screen readers. Then they generate a report with screenshots explaining the issue and required fix.

Sometimes these reports go up to 100-150 pages depending on the website size. You should share that report with your IT team or website developer.  He will be able to fix all the issues identified by the expert.

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