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Increase compliance with WCGA 2.1, ADA, Section 508 by getting your website checked by accessibility experts

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Ignore to invite accessibility lawsuits for sure

Accessibility lawsuits are almost tripling every year. Ignoring web accessibility will attract lawsuits on your business.

Spend your time and efforts to grow your business instead of fighting lawsuits. Our accessibility experts helps you to avoid lawsuits.

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Pay hefty penalty by being careless

Ignoring web accessibility not only hinders your growth but also kills your profitability. In most cases, brands pay a hefty penalty to get away from accessibility lawsuits.

With accessibility audit report by our experts you can save your business in a remarkable way.

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Boost your brand value, set it all time high

Get appreciated from your customers all the time. Taking initiative to make website accessible is always recognized and talked about.

Boost your brand value

Make your sales the highest this year

This disability-friendly website gets millions of people with accessibility needs. You can increase your customer base that your competitors fail to reach.

Research says in every site, 25% of the total traffic consists of disabled people. Thus our accessibility compliance solution helps you to increase your sales by 25%.

Make your sales the highest

Make your social responsibility program remarkable

Your organization already runs a corporate social responsibility program to improve the lives of the needy. Likewise, extend your help to people with accessibility needs as well.

Research says, 15% of the world's population consists of disabled people. We would request you to help these people and bring in a positive impact on their lives in one way or the other.

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We're the accessibility experts you always wanted.

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Works perfectly. Allowed us to implement a much needed service on our site

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The report looks very thorough. I like how you added a recommended fix

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Make your website a better place for everyone

Help thousands of people to overcome their disability every month. Get an accessibility audit done to make your website more accessible and build a better society around yourself. Start making your contribution from today.

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