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Accessibility plugin to increase compliance with WCGA 2.1, ADA, Section 508 without changing existing code

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improve website accessibility

Apply your brand color to the accessibility toolbar

Apply branding to the accessibility toolbar to make it look native. This helps you to adhere to your brand guidelines.

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Apply your brand color

GDPR-compliant and ready for Europe

Accessibility enabler is already GDPR Compliant. Your users can download their preference data as JSON and can erase their data from the toolbar.

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GDPR-compliant and ready for Europe

Pages Made Accessible So Far

1700000 This Week
1638000 Last Week
6236000 This Month
Make your sales the highest

Make your sales the highest this year

This disability-friendly website gets millions of people with accessibility needs. You can increase your customer base that your competitors fail to reach.

Research says in every site, 25% of the total traffic consists of disabled people. Thus accessibility enabler helps you to increase your sales by 25%.

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social responsibility program

Make your social responsibility program remarkable

Your organization already runs a corporate social responsibility program to improve the lives of the needy. Likewise, extend your help to people with accessibility needs as well.

Research says, 15% of the world's population consists of disabled people. We would request you to help these people and bring in a positive impact on their lives in one way or the other.

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Boost your brand value

Boost your brand value, set it all time high

Get appreciated from your customers all the time. Taking initiative to make website accessible is always recognized and talked about.

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accessibility lawsuits

Ignore to invite accessibility lawsuits for sure

Accessibility lawsuits are almost tripling every year. Ignoring web accessibility will attract lawsuits on your business.

Spend your time and efforts to grow your business instead of fighting lawsuits. The contribution of accessibility enabler is the highest in this aspect.

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hefty penalty

Pay hefty penalty by being careless

Ignoring web accessibility not only hinders your growth but also kills your profitability. In most cases, brands pay a hefty penalty to get away from accessibility lawsuits.

With a few clicks you can install Accessibility Enabler and save your business.

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Voice of end users

I would like this plugin to be on all the website I visit. This helps me to use the on screen ruler while reading. This has helped me to read the articles and paragraphs faster.


I never thought this is possible over on web. I get distracted when there are lot of content on the page. This software has a tool called screen mask. It has helped me focus on one paragraph at a time.


One good thing I like about is I can adjust background colour of the website and choose my desired font. This small toolbar have helped me a lot with that.


I am a keyboard users. I use keyboard to navigate to all around the website. Few times, I don’t get to know where my keyboard focus is and get lost. This software has a highlight focus option which says exactly where my focus is.


Help more people with disability on your website

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Accessibility tools for everyone

Preset Profiles

Helps to set preferences with less efforts. Avoids the work of setting preferences for individual tools.

Skip To Headings

Helps the keyboard users to skip the content of the page to appropriate headings in the page

Skip To Links

Helps the keyboard users to skip the content of the page to appropriate links in the page.

Skip To Images

Helps the keyboard users to skip the content of the page to appropriate image in the page

Adjust Font Size

Partially visual impaired users (by birth or by ageing) can adjust the font size so that content is readable

Adjust Line Height

A few people need words/lines well apart to easily read the content easily. This tool helps to adjust the line height.

Adjust Character Space

Character spacing adjustment tool makes the content of the site more readable

Readable Fonts

People with dyslexia & other disability need content in a particular font. This tool provides better readability.


Few people can consume content faster in gray-scale mode – This tool helps such users

Invert Color

Invert colour/night mode is an essential functionality for most users – this tool does just that.

Sepia Color Mode

Sepia mode helps color blind people to interact with the site easily. This tool applies sepia mode to the site.

Highlight Titles

Highlighting headings ensures faster consumption of content and increases the intended action on your site.

Highlight Links

Highlighting links ensures faster consumption of content and increases the intended action on your site

Highlight Focus

Keyboard users need focus highlight to know which element has focus – improves site navigation.

Screen Mask

Dyslexia users can consume the content all at once. Such users use screen mask to read content easily.

Screen Ruler

Dyslexia users can consume the content all at once. Such users use screen ruler to read content easily.

Big Cursors

With aging the visual capacity reduces. An aged adult needs a big mouse cursor to locate it on the screen.

Zoom Web Page

Visual impairment is a big challenge. This tool overcomes it by helping the user to increase/decrease the zoom level.

Adjust Color Contrasts

Your site colors many not be suitable for all users. This tools gives 20 color contrast to switch between.

Readable Tool Tips

Tool tips on images are great. But the size of the tooltip is very tiny for a few users. This tool makes your tool tips readable.

Plain Text Mode

Tool tips on images are great. But there are too small few users. This tool makes your tool tips readable.

Accessibility Statement

Show your accessibility statement to all users and give them your contact details to report defects.

Volume Booster [ Beta ]

Hearing impaired users need the volume to be above the normal level. Volume booster helps such users.

On Click Reset

That’s one button to reset all the accessibility tool to default. Comes hand for many users.

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Best suited for everyone

Accessibility Enabler helps everyone with accommodation needs irrespective of their devices (tablet, smartphone, desktop, screen reader)



Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects your ability to read, spell, write, and speak. Accessibility Enabler provides tools such as rulers, screen marks, open dyslexia font to help users with dyslexia



Situational disabilities are temporary impairments caused due to accidents. Accessibility Enabler gives tools like focus highlight, font adjust and many more options to help such users.

Mobility Impaired

Mobility Impaired

Few users may not be able to use the mouse to navigate in your website. Accessibility enabler gives tools like keyboard focus and filter content options which help them to navigate the whole website easily.

Mobility Impaired


Elderly users acquire disabilities because of their age. Accessibility enabler gives the tools like text adjust, big cursors, readable fonts to conveniently consume content of your website.

Visually Impaired

Visually Impaired

Few users suffer from minor visual impairment either by birth or by accidents. Such users can use tools like font-size-adjust, readable fonts, heading highlight, zoom options inside accessibility enabler.



Unlettered users can consume your website easily because of their literacy level. Such users can make use of tools like heading highlight, link highlight options to easily navigate your website.

Help people with all disabilities on your website

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We're the accessibility experts you always wanted.

That was us humbly pointing out a mere fact that we hear from our clients, most often. woot!

Everyone should use this app - it's brilliant. If you don't know the law you should WCAG 2.1 A and AA... it's on you to be Compliant and ADA accessible!

Darby Scott
Darby Scott Founder

Great app and awesome tech support. They were able to provide me with a testing window to check the varies options of installation on my staging site.

Karolyn Founder

The app work perfectly! Even when I had a problem the customer support contact me Via Skype and gave me an excellent service! A pleasure be you customer!

Dor Danieli
Dor Danieli Founder

Works perfectly. Allowed us to implement a much needed service on our site

Boruch Piekarski
Boruch Piekarski Director

Make your website a better place for everyone

Accessibility Enabler helps thousands of people to overcome their disability every month. Make your contribution to the society.

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