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We help you to increases compliance with WCAG 2.0, ATAG 2.0, ADA, & Section 508
without changing your website’s existing code.

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Features that matters to you as website owner

Color Themes

Choose from have 16+ colour themes to match your website  design

Custom Trigger

Design your own custom trigger that suites to your  brand guidelines.

Accessibility Statement

Helps to show your ongoing commitment towards accessibility

Scroll To Top

With just one click, users are take back to the top of the long web page.

Accessibility Tools For Everyone

Preset Profiles
Skip To Headings
Skip To Hyperlinks
Skip To Images
Adjust Font Size
Adjust Line Height
Adjust Character Space
Readable Fonts
Grayscale Mode
Invert Color
Sepia Color Mode
Highlight Titles
Highlight Links
Highlight Focus
Zoom Web Page
Screen Ruler
Big Cursors
Screen Mask
Adjust Color Contrasts
Readable Tool Tips
Plain Text Mode
Volume Booster (Beta)

+3 More Tools

Best Suited For Everyone

Accessibility Enabler is designed to address all kind of user’s needs and their devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and screen readers.



Mobility Impaired


Visually Impaired



Common Presets Included

We have presets the helps users to achieve their accessibility needs with just 2-3 clicks

preset accessibility profiles

We're The Accessibility Experts you always wanted.

That was us humbly pointing out a mere fact that we hear from our clients, most often. woot!

Scott Says,
Adds a lot of value to our clients by letting them know we care about accessibility. Easy to install and understand.

Alon Ben Says,
The shopify team recommended the application and they were absolutely right. Great app! They have an available, efficient and responsive support team for their users’ requests. I asked to add a feature a day before releasing a version update and their developers did so. They have definitely a high level of service 🙂

Moshe Ben David Jewelry

Danielia Says,
The app work perfectly! Even when i had a problem the customer support contect me vis Skype and gave me an excellent service! A pleasure be you customer ! Keep up the great work and thnk you for everything!

Borucha Says,
Works perfectly. Allowed us to implement a much needed service on our site.

Top 3 Reason To Make Your Website Accessible

Increase sales with accessible sites

Increase conversion rates

It’s estimated that every business has around 25% of the traffic coming from disabled population. This population is happy to do business with the people who understand their needs. We help you to build your long term competitive advantage.

Accessibility Compliance

Avoid Law Suits and Penalty

Save your business from hefty penalty and everlasting lawsuits. Making website accessible costs must less than penalty and reveal you from lawsuits risk. Of course, we are not an insurance company – but something is better than nothing.

Grow brand value with accessibility

Grow brand value

Your brand commands maximum appreciation. Win the hearts of the people in society by showing this social responsibility. Your brand gets valued by everyone to heights that you would never visualize.

Remove The Barriers - Get Started Right Now

Accessibility Enabler helps thousands of people to over come their disability every month. Make your contribution to the society.

Free 3-day trial   •   Easy setup   •   No credit card required