Pricing- Frequently Asked Questions

What is credits ?

Credits is a way we charge you for using our software. It cost your $1 to buy 1 credit.

How do credit system works ?

You would buy credits upfront every month in a form of credit package. it’s more like recharging a pre-paid mobile number. These credits will be put into your account.

Unused credits at the end of the validity period get expired.

We deduct credits from your account based on your usage of  the software.

What is credit Package ?

You cannot buy one credit at a time. You should buy group of credits at a time. These are called credit packages

These credit packages has a validity period. After which the unused credits get expired.

However, expire date of a credit package is calculated when the first credit of that package is used. Hence you can buy multiple credit packages at a time

Can I buy multiple credit packages ?

You don’t loose money when you buy  multiple credit packages.

Even though every credit packages you buy comes with a validity period, the expire of the credit package is calculated when the first credit of that package is used.

Hence you can buy multiple credit packages at a time.

Do I have to buy credits every month ?

Credits you buy have a validity period of 3o days or 365 days . Based on the credit package you may have to buy credits monthly or yearly. All unused credits expire after the validity period. The more the software get used more credits are deducted from your account. Once no credits are left in your account – software stops working.

We are true pay-as-you-go pricing and give you a  flexibility to buy credits packages based on your estimated usage.

What do I get for 1 Credit ?

Currently you get 2000 page view per credit. Since it cost you $1 per credit, it’s safe to say that you get 2000 page views per $1

However eventually you can buy many other premium features using credits from your account. Every premium features will clearly mention number of credits required to use it.

How do Page views & credits works together ?

The working is simple. We deduct 1 credit from your account and give you 2000 pages view. Once 2000 page views get used up again we deduct 1 credit and give you next 2000 page view.

We repeat this until you have no credits left in your account. Once credits become zero – our software stops working.

How do you measure page views?

Every page your users visit on your website is counted as a page view. That means if a user visit your website and viewed 5 pages (be it a same page 5 times or 5 different pages) then it is counted as 5 page views.

In other words, every time accessibility enabler java-script loader is requested it is counted as one page view.

How do you handle upgrade & downgrade?

We have made that simple for you. Upgrade & downgrade becomes a matter to worry if the credit packages expire after some fixed date from your date of buy.

We are different here. You can buy any number of credit packages. These packages generally have 30 days or 365 days validity period. But the expire date is calculated only after you use first credit of that package.

Hence you don’t have to worry about upgrades or downgrades.

Do you give refund ?

No. Credits once bought will not be refunded. They will be available for your use until their validity period is over.

Do credits expire ?

Yes. Credits do expire. You buy credits in the form of credit packages with fixed validity period – generally 30 days or 1 year.

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