Accessibility toolbar quick user guide


Allow you set preferences with fewer efforts. Avoids the work of setting preferences for individual tools.

Skip To Content

If you are a keyboard user, then the tools in this section allow you to skip the content of the page by links, headings, images.

Readable Text

The tool in this section helps you to adjust the font size, line height, character spacing to make it easy to read the content.

Choose Font

This section allows you to choose your comfortable font style. This will help you for better readability.

Color Mode

With tools available in this section you can change the color mode of the site to grey-scaled, night mode, sepia.


You can highlight links & heading if that helps you to consume the content faster. Also if you are a keyboard user then you can enable highlight focus. This clearly marks where your keyboard focus is at any given point.

Screen Settings

Tools in this section help you with following

  • Screen mask – Creates a letterbox to focus on a section of a page.
  • Screen Rules  – Allows reading using a ruler on the screen.
  • White Cursor – Shows a big white cursor that is visible to your eyes.
  • Black Cursor – Shows a big black cursor that is visible to your eyes.


It allows you to magnify the whole page for better consumption of content.

Color Contrast

It allows you to change the background & text color.


Tools in this section help you to make the tooltip on images & links more readable.


Tools in this section help you with following

  • Plain Text Mode – Helps you to view without any images and design elements.
  • Reset – Undo all your settings with one click.
  • Statement – Know the accessibility commitment of the website.
  • Language – Change the accessibility toolbar’s content language in your desired language.

Data Protection

It allows you to download preference in JSON format and clear your preferences.

You can also read the Privacy and Cookie policy of our Website.