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This app is a great and affordable option for accessibility, which is so important! I would highly recommend it to other Shopify store managers.

Nikola Mickic
Peace Out Skincare
Shopify Review

Very easy to install, easy to set up, lots of customization options. This is a wonderful way to bring your sites up to ADA compliance and in general make them more accessible to users with a wide range needs.

The developers are also very responsive and quick to help troubleshoot any issues. As a marketing agency managing many sites, the ability to control them all but bill separately from the HikeOrders backend is incredibly useful as well.

Julia Zhurya
Sage Marketing Group
WordPress Review

This app is really functional and works great. It has all the plugins needed for one affordable website

Ease of use
The app is super easy to handle and set up. In just a few clicks you get everything you need. Excellent application backend and personal

So far I have not needed any technical support.I sent some suggestions for which I received an instant response from the support team.

The documentation is very detailed in case you need to check something or see how it works. The FAK section is verry good..

Value for money
The value of the money invested that I paid for the appropriate package is correct.

Tomislav Vučičević
Zupanja Govt
Joomla Review

This app is super easy to install and use. Great options and fast to understand. Will recommend easily

Julia Grollier
Jaharii Jewelry
Shopify Review

Works as promised. I would recommend this app. I find it easy to use.. little one the pricey side though.

Vidal Franco Alvarez
Shopify Review

This is a good app for the purpose of trying to both avoid getting sued by one of the bogus law companies and to have a basic accessibility tool for users. It's easy to use, affordable and the support has been very good.

Will Johnston
Grow and Make DIY Kits
Shopify Review

I am excited about their fast and modern service

Vlahopoulos Georgios
WordPress Review

lot of useful functions integrated in one tool makes your site smart. Not overloaded with many buttons for color, font size, font type, etc.

Ease of use
installation process is not like most of extensions you use, because you need to register at developer's site and get a code for your plugin

So far I have not needed any technical support.I sent some suggestions for which I received an instant response from the support team.

because of intuitive usage, documentation is not needed. But with a rough overview I see that all further information are available

Value for money
Having it for free would be better, but the tool is worth to pay for it. Monthly rate depends on site visitors. That's ok for smaller sites

Jürgen Kirchgeßner
Stadtwerke Walldürn GmbH
Joomla Review

We were looking for the best way to be ADA compliant and so glad that we found Accessibility Enabler. The integration was very simple and their customer support is very reachable.

Our e-commerce site is now protected from frivolous lawsuits, which has become a very real issue especially as your website grows. We highly recommend this app, it looks very good on mobile as well!

Brian Pedone
Quiet Punch
Shopify Review

needed to be compliant, and this was the easiest way for ADA compliance. I highly recommend this app.

John Timmerman
Dream Smart Sleep
Shopify Review

Need to be compliant and after testing a few other apps, this was the easiest to setup and most cost effective. Definitely recommend this app.

Holly Tritz
Gunderson's Jewelers
Shopify Review

It's a great plugin that works on my website. The support team is very helpful and gives you whatever support you may need. I'd certainly recommend this plugin and I'll be sure to use it on other websites.

WordPress Review

It's raining satisfied customers - we deliver

Now that we have more and more satisfied customers from all around the world, we are confident you would love our product.

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The app was recommended by a friend and since we installed it works very well never had any issues. We are happy to recommend this app.

Dorian Filip
DSF Antique Jewelry
Shopify Review

We need to be ADA compliant this works for us. They charge via traffic and while we get that, it could be easier to figure out ones cost comparable to our traffic. But this is a small suggestion and happy with it otherwise. I recommend it!

Peter Peterjr
Ben Garelick
Shopify Review

I haven’t had any issues with this app. Today, we need to be ADA compliant and this seems to get the job done. As with anything, it costs money, but why shouldn’t the people who created it get paid? I have been very happy with it so far, no ads have popped up, I renew it when the time comes and don’t allow my service to lapse.

Nick Pronko
Steve Pronko Jewelers
Shopify Review

It's brilliant application for Compliant and AODA accessible.

Excellent service, Communications are exceptional.

I've a issue with App and happily say, the very next day support team given solution. Professionalism, expertise and excellent service by Hikeorders made the entire process comfortable and a pleasant experience. 5 STARS to him.

Hardik Shingala
Old Style Pilsner
Shopify Review

Awesome fast attentive support. Five Star Service.

Support is the absolute necessity when considering an app.

Good set of enabling tools for visitors to adjust the look of your site to be more readable for the vision impaired.

Lacks a reader/read out loud read function like a competitor has But pluses are that the suite of tools is more comprehensive and it offers really good customization features.

It Installed with no problems and now after full operation for nearly 2 weeks I know I can recommend this app to anyone who wants to add another dimension of access and customer service to their site.

I do not like that there is no automatic monthly billing like with the other apps have installed. You can purchase for a year for convenience, but the cost is higher.

Bill Frick
Frick Winery
Shopify Review

So far this seems to be an amazing app. Very clean implementation and an onboarding process that takes a couple of minutes. It's unfortunate that Zodica Perfumery has left a review that makes it seem like an expensive app. It isn't.

I'm glad I didn't allow their review to put me off trying as that would have prevented me from providing improved accessibility, which I had set out to do. Like most other apps in Shopify I was asked to authorize an additional monthly charge.

In my case, $5 per month with very reasonable volume increments. This just makes so much sense and it's so easy. I hope it helps.

Nigel Hopkins
Shopify Review

Great app and awesome tech support. They were able to provide me with a testing window to check the varies options of installation on my staging site.

Karolyn Fox
Military Hippie
Shopify Review

Narzędzie zapewnia wszystkie konieczne ułatwienia WCAG 2.0 takie jak powiększenie/zmniejszenie tekstu, kontrasty, zmianę czcionki, tła stron

Ease of use
Narzędzie jest bardzo łatwe w obsłudze i konfiguracji. Narzędzie jest oparte o zewnętrzny silnik i serwer stąd nie popsuje naszej strony

Value for money
Cena nie jest mała za to narzędzie bo zaczyna się od 5$/miesiąc i zależy od ilości wyświetleń, ale warta swych pieniędzy

Donat Jaroszewski
Ognisko Wychowawcze w Jaworowej
Joomla Review

Adds a lot of value to our clients by letting them know we care about accessibility. Easy to install and understand.

Scott Polston
Garment Graphics
Shopify Review

The shopify team recommended the application and they were absolutely right. Great app! They have an available, efficient and responsive support team for their users' requests.

I asked to add a feature a day before releasing a version update and their developers did so. Thay have definitely a high level of service :)

Moshe Ben
David jewelry
Shopify Review

The app work perfectly!

Even when i had a problem the customer support contect me vis Skype and gave me an excellent service! A pleasure be you customer !

Keep up the great work and thnk you for everything!

Dor Danieli
Rude Gentle
Shopify Review

Works perfectly. Allowed us to implement a much needed service on our site. I have rated this 5 stars again for their quick response to a previous issue that they addressed.

Boruch Piekarski
Shopify Review

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