Innovative web accessibility technology for everyone

Accessibility Enabler is a result of 10 months of intensive research and work by the team. It is constantly being improved by working on the feedback given by accessibility experts within the industry and users from outside the industry.

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Innovative web accessibility technology
Useful accessibility tools

Useful accessibility tools that helps millions of people

Over 30 accessibility tools are available in Accessibility Enabler. These tools help people with disability. They can customize your website to their personal needs with a few clicks

This increases the engagement in your website by all kinds of people. More engagement results in an increase in conversion rates and sales.

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mobile design

Intelligent and breakthrough design for mobile

Accessibility enabler toolbar works on mobile phones without affecting the user experience. In fact, it improves the user experience to a different level.

Like other accessibility toolbars, accessibility enabler does not cover the whole screen. It looks like a mobile keyboard when opened.

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simplistic presets

Powerful yet simplistic presets to adjust page quickly

We have made accommodation much easier with accessibility preset. This helps the users to apply the quick setting to page in a few seconds.

Presets are a collection of accessibility settings devised for a particular purpose. Users can choose any number of presets and apply them with a single click.

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trigger positions

Positions of trigger is absolutely in your hand

Accessibility toolbar opens when the user clicks on the trigger button. Position of this trigger button can be set by you based on your site design.

You can place the trigger in 10 different locations around the edge of the screen.

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trigger position

Easily control position of trigger on mobile site

Trigger button helps the user to open the accessibility toolbar. You can put the trigger button in different locations on both mobile and desktop site.

You can place the trigger in 10 different locations around the edge of the mobile screen.

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look and feel of trigger

Modify look and feel of trigger button at ease

Design your own trigger to open accessibility toolbar that suits your website design. Users can open the accessibility toolbar by clicking on it.

You can use a button, link, image or anything to design the trigger that suits your website design.

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Apply your brand colour

Apply your brand colour to the accessibility toolbar

Apply branding to the accessibility toolbar to make it look native. This helps you to adhere to your brand guidelines.

We have a collection of 16 plus color themes for you to select from. Select any theme that matches closely with your brand colors

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Express your commitment

Express your commitment towards accessibility

Include your accessibility statement on your website. This helps you to show your commitment to accessibility

Use our accessibility statement generator and create your accessibility statement within a minute.

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Return to top

Return to top of the page easily

Scroll to top floating button helps the users get to the top of the page at a click. This saves users from too many mouse scrolls or clicks to get to the top of the page.

You can place scroll to top floating button on the left or right bottom of the page based on the design of your website.

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GDPR-compliant and ready for Europe

Accessibility enabler is already GDPR Compliant. Your users can download their preference data as JSON and can erase their data from the toolbar.

Your European customers can also use accessibility enabler. You need not worry about GDPR regulations and compliance.

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Make your website a better place for everyone

Accessibility Enabler helps thousands of people to overcome their disability every month. Make your contribution to the society.

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