SquareSpace website accessibility plugin

Accessibility plugin that makes your SquareSpace sites more accessible.

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improve website accessibility

Making your Squarespace site more accessible

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Integration Overview

Once you create an account with us, our onboarding screen will guide you with the rest of the configurations and give a script to put on your SquareSpace site. You should just copy the script and inject it into your site via UI given by SquareSpace – don’t have to deal with your site code.

SquareSpace Installation Guide


About SquareSpace

SquareSpace is all in one platform to build and grow your business with amazing online presence. It has many templates that helps to build a website for any kind of requirements at ease. It has all the functionality to reach and grow your audience built into it.

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Our accessibility solution at a glance

Abundant customization options

You can change the color of the whole accessibility toolbar. You can control the trigger position, change the trigger icon and even build a custom trigger. Know more

Excellently designed accessibility interface

The accessibility toolbar takes less than 20% of the screen both on mobile and desktop. Hence your visitors can immediately experience the change done to the page.

Feature filled accessibility toolbar

Our accessibility interface houses 30 plus options. Your users can apply multiple options together on your website. Know more

Vast array of integrations

Accessibility Enabler integrates seamlessly on any platform. We have built a dedicated integration for many platforms to make installation easier for you. Know more

All kind of disabilities covered

Dyslexia, mobility impaired, elderly, visually impaired, unlettered, situational, and more disabilities get addressed with the Accessibility Enabler. Know more

Pricing that fits all business sizes

We have devised flexible pricing so that businesses of all sizes can adapt to our accessibility solution. Whether you're a growing business or an enterprise, our pricing plan fits you. Know more

While more features and benefits of our accessibility solution continues below, you can experience them right now for free.

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Know more about accessibility widget

Accessibility statement generator

Using free accessibility statement generator, you can create a personalized accessibility statement for your business. Accessibility statement is a must for all websites.

Accessibility certificate and badge

Our free accessibility certificate and badge will help communicate your care towards web accessibility to your customers. Showing that you care for accessibility is important and essential.

Fast and friendly support team

Except during our sleeping hours of the day, you will find us attending to queries immediately.We have a dedicated support portal and a team to help you. Support center

Security, privacy and performance

Our monitoring system and dedicated team keep the service always up and running. We have taken utmost care when it comes to security and privacy.

Make your website a better place for everyone

Accessibility Enabler helps thousands of people to overcome their disability every month. Add an accessibility toolbar to your website and build a better society around yourself. Know more about accessibility plugin and accessibility solutions

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