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E-commerce Startups to Fortune 500s Love Our Solution

Needed to be compliant, and this was the easiest way for ADA compliance. I highly recommend this app.

Over 1 year using the app
John Timmerman
Dream Smart Sleep
Shopify Review

We installed this app to provide accessibility and also prevent lawsuits claiming accessibility problems. App works great. Easy to install. And when I had issues, Sachin was quick to resolve and went to great extents to help me. 10/5 stars!

Over 3 years using the app
John VanTongeren
Ferris Coffee & Nut Co
Shopify Review

We were looking for the best way to be ADA compliant and so glad that we found Accessibility Enabler. The integration was very simple and their customer support is very reachable. Our e-commerce site is now protected from frivolous lawsuits, which has become a very real issue especially as your website grows. We highly recommend this app, it looks very good on mobile as well!

10 months using the app
Brian Pedone
Quiet Punch
Shopify Review

Wondering what Website Accessibility can do for you?

Reduce Risks, Ensure Compliance

Website accessibility is no longer just a best practice, it's a legal requirement. Avoid costly lawsuits and ensure compliance with accessibility regulations by making your website accessible to all.

Boost Sales with Website Accessibility

Did you know that at least 25% of website traffic typically comes from users with disabilities? By making your website accessible, you expand your reach, potentially converting more of these visitors into customers.

Enhance Your Brand Reputation

With over 2 billion people worldwide living with disabilities, did you know that customers increasingly favour brands committed to accessibility and inclusivity? Build trust and a positive brand image by ensuring your website is accessible to everyone

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Website Accessible

Accessibility Enabler makes adding accessibility features to your website effortless with its intuitive interface. Follow three simple steps to ensure your site is accessible to everyone:


Click on Free Trial and create an account


Put one line of javascript code on your website


Within 5 minutes, improve your website experience

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Why Pay More for Accessibility?

Get the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution without breaking the bank.
Plans starting at $10 per month

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Features Designed for Engagement and Accessibility

Enhance user experience with accessibility tools

Our platform offers more than 30 powerful accessibility tools designed to ensure your website is usable by everyone, meeting accessibility standards and providing an inclusive experience for all users.

Useful accessibility tools

Strengthen your brand identity

Customize your website's look and feel to perfectly match your brand identity with our versatile branding options, ensuring consistency and a strong brand presence online.

Useful accessibility tools

Seamless mobile experience

Ensure your website performs seamlessly across all devices with our mobile optimization, providing a fast, responsive, and user-friendly experience for mobile users.

Useful accessibility tools

Show your commitment to accessibility

Display a comprehensive accessibility statement and obtain an accessibility certificate to demonstrate your website's compliance with accessibility standards, building trust and confidence among your users.

Useful accessibility tools

Accessibility solution in more than 105 languages

Cater to a diverse audience with our multiple language support, allowing users to access your website content in their preferred language, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Useful accessibility tools
Trust With Numbers

Our web accessibility technology stats

2000+ Number Of Customers
600,000,000+ Monthly Page Loads
18+ Number Of Integrations

Accessibility for every kind of disability

Reach a wider audience and comply with regulations by supporting diverse needs. You can cover 30+ disabilities with our tool. Want to see how we cater to specific disabilities? Discover our full range of features here .

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This is the only app that has EVERYTHING we need

Archdekor Logo

As architects who deal with ADA regulations on a daily basis, we are committed to making our website as accessible as possible to people with special needs, in this journey we have tried several apps, this is the only app that has EVERYTHING we need, you even get the ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT personalized for your own store, which was amazing for us.

The pricing is also very affordable and everything can be customized

Amelia Rozas, Founder & CEO , Archdekor

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We're the accessibility experts you always wanted.

That was us humbly pointing out a mere fact that we hear from our clients, most often. woot!

This is a good app for the purpose of trying to both avoid getting sued by one of the bogus law companies and to have a basic accessibility tool for users. It's easy to use, affordable and the support has been very good.

Will Johnston
Grow and Make DIY Kits
Shopify Review

I haven’t had any issues with this app. Today, we need to be ADA compliant and this seems to get the job done. As with anything, it costs money, but why shouldn’t the people who created it get paid? I have been very happy with it so far, no ads have popped up, I renew it when the time comes and don’t allow my service to lapse.

Nick Pronko
Steve Pronko Jewelers
Shopify Review

The shopify team recommended the application and they were absolutely right. Great app! They have an available, efficient and responsive support team for their users' requests.I asked to add a feature a day before releasing a version update and their developers did so. Thay have definitely a high level of service :)

Moshe Ben
David jewelry
Shopify Review

Know more about web accessibility

What are web accessibility solutions?

Web accessibility solutions are different ways to make your website accessible to disabled users. There are solutions such as accessibility toolbar, accessibility scanner, accessibility monitor, and a few more.

What is accessibility compliance / ADA compliance?

Accessibility compliance is the act of adhering to accessibility laws. Every country has defined laws on web accessibility. ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act Standards.

What is an accessibility lawsuit?

An accessibility lawsuit is a case in a court of law. That is, a case is filed by a user against the organization owning the website. A user files a case when they find the organization not abiding by the accessibility laws.

What is the accessibility widget?

Accessibility widget is a software add-on that is installed on a website. It adds features that help people to personalize your website according to their needs. It is also called the Accessibility Plugin.

What is an accessibility audit?

An accessibility audit is a process of evaluation of how well your website supports the needs of users with disabilities. The evaluation is done by certified accessibility experts. Evaluation is done using accessibility testing tools.

What is WCAG?

WCAG ( Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ) is a document published by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). W3C is the international standards organization for the Internet. It focuses on providing technical standards for the web across the world.

Our web accessibility solution at a glance

Learn about our digital accessibility solution in few minutes. Quickly understand features and benefits and find out if we are the right fit for your needs.

Make your website a better place for everyone

Accessibility Enabler helps thousands of people to overcome their disability every month. Add an accessibility toolbar to your website and build a better society around yourself. Know more about accessibility plugin and accessibility solutions

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