Transcripts are text representations of any audios or videos played on screen. For a video, the transcript can also include the description of actions, graphics, and scene changes.

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Most often you see different kinds of content on the website. Like, text, images, audio, videos and so on.

Let’s say a deaf user is reading the content on your website. And you have also included a video on your site. What will the deaf user do now?

You haven't thought about this because you might not have felt this pain. The solution is simple yet a bit time-consuming. Transcripts will help you out in this case.

Here, any form of audio or video content on your website is converted into text form. This textual content is then written under the audio or video content.

When a deaf user reaches the non-text content he can see the equivalent transcription below and read it out. That way they don’t miss any information on the audio and video.

Transcripts also help the dyslexic. Their learning and understanding ability is slower than normal people. They may feel it quite difficult to understand fast audios. In such a case, they can read the transcript and understand the content.

In addition to all the above points, transcripts also make SEO better. Search engines like Google, Bing understand the text better than any other form of content. Transcripts are of great use to the search engines to understand the content and context of the web page. Hence it helps them to rank your website better.

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