Screen Reader


Screen Reader is a software or a tool that reads the contents of the screen aloud to the users.

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Your website has a lot of valuable content for your customers to read.  But, say a few of your customers are visually disabled, then they can’t read your content. It’s because of a simple reason. Because your website is not disabled-friendly.

Generally, people with visual disabilities like blindness or partial blindness use screen readers. A screen reader is a simple software that converts text to speech. In fact, it reads the content on the screen aloud.

Aging is also a kind of disability. As a person grows old their vision weakens. Screen reader helps such people as well.

For some people, though they can see well they find it difficult to read. This condition is called dyslexia. Now, if these users use a screen reader they can easily utilize your information if it is made accessible.

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