Motor Disability


Few people suffer from malfunctioning of their body parts. This is called Motor Disability.

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As the word itself says, motor means movement. If you have a problem in the movement of any of your body parts that is termed as a motor disability.

This problem can be by birth for some people. That is due to the poor development of body parts before birth. And a few others face this due to any accidents or injuries that happened to them in their lifetime. Many others face these problems due to aging as well.

This restricts the person’s movability. And this makes it difficult for the user to use the information on your website.

You can help such users by simplifying your website. I have put together a few ways to do it.

  • Keyboard friendly: Design your website in a way that it can be completely used by keyboard-only users.
  • Labels: For users who use the speech recognition tool, it is important that you label all text boxes and other form controls of your website

More Information

A few types of Motor Disabilities:

  1. Paralysis: The affected part of the body stops moving. Mostly caused due to an injury.
  2. Cerebral palsy: It is an injury to the brain. The condition occurs during fetal development shortly after birth. This results in muscle tightness, involuntary movement, and impaired speech.
  3. Muscular dystrophy: It is a genetic disorder. Here, the genes for muscle proteins are damaged. This can affect the functionality of any part of the body.
  4. Multiple sclerosis: This disorder affects the connection between the nervous and the muscular system of a human body. Results in one or more of the following: tremors, weakness, numbness, unstable walking, impaired speech, muscle stiffness, or impaired memory.
  5. Arthritis: Mostly occurs in adults. The joint of the body weakens. Results in poor functioning of them.

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