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An Image map helps to create clickable areas on a single image. These clickable areas result in relevant actions associated with them.

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Say you are looking at a process chart and trying to understand the process. Won't it be better if the different steps of the process are clickable and take you to the relevant details about that step? This will be easier for people to understand the content.

Now think about the blind who use screen readers to consume content. Or about the dyslexic people who need content in a simplified manner. They will not be able to easily browse through such kind of information.

Image map solves such kind of problems. That is, you can simplify and also make your website more attractive by adding image maps.

How an image map works is, you can put images, flowcharts, etc in your website. Upon clicking on a part of that image, it redirects your user to a different page or even a different section of the page. And that page will have further content about the image.

A screen reader also works in a similar way. When it approaches an image map it says out the titles of the different clickable areas on that image map. Now the user can easily choose and skip to the content they want.

In this way, you can present the content on your website in a very simple manner. Also, your users can easily do a selective reading on your website. That is based on what they are looking out for.

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