Focus Indicator


A focus indicator is a solid or dotted border drawn around the place where the keyboard is focusing on. It serves as a visual indicator for the element that will respond to the next user action

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Say on one of the days your mouse stops working. And you do not have a spare mouse. How will you still continue with your work? Yes, you have to do it only with your keyboard.

This situation is a permanent condition for people with motor disabilities. Some dyslexic people have a short attention span. They also face problems in reading long web pages.

One simple solution for this is the use of focus indicators. A web page has many areas like headings, links, images and so on.

Now imagine you want to read the fourth heading on that page. You make use of the keys in your keyboard to move to that heading. The movement of the cursor is indicated by a focus indicator. Now you can easily jump to the content you want to read.

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