Through your thoughts, experience, senses, and action you acquire knowledge and understanding about the things around you. This mostly happens within your mind. This is called cognitive Capability.

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A lot of people suffer from different kinds of learning disabilities. One of them is a cognitive disability.

People suffering from cognitive disabilities will usually find it difficult to read and process content in their minds. Sometimes even the simplest content seems very difficult to process in their minds.

In this scenario, you will have to design your website in a way that it supports such disabilities too. How will you do it?

A few simples ways to do this would be by:

  • Using proper headings, and lists.
  • Using more white space in your design.
  • Placing your content in proper simple order.
  • Avoid background sounds.
  • Being consistent with fonts & colors.
  • Making sure your sentence has a simple flow.
  • Using simple words in the sentence to reduce its complexity.

By using such methods the usability of your website increases. And your content reaches more people.

More Information

Types of cognitive disabilities:

Intellectual functioning -

It refers to a person's ability to plan, comprehend, and reason. A person's intellectual functioning can be assessed by an intelligence test.

The most common intelligence test is the IQ test. Generally, a person with scores of 70 to 75 or lower is said to have a cognitive disability.

Mild cognitive disability -

85% of all cognitive disabilities come under this type. Kids in this category have IQ scores between 55 and 70 and are usually included in the regular classroom.

Moderate cognitive disability -

Kids in this category have IQ scores between 30 and 55.

Severe cognitive disability -

Kids here have IQ scores under 30. They will have a few communication skills and will need direct supervision. Only about 3 to 4% of children have a severe cognitive disability.

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