Clickability Cues


Clickability cue is a visual indication that a given word or item on a Web page is clickable. Signals that can be used to indicate the clickability of an item are color, underlining, bullets, and arrows.

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Imagine that all the content of your webpage is in a single font style and color. Yet, some of the words or sentences on your website lead to more content within them. But how do you think any user would understand which content is clickable?

This is where clickability cues help us to sort this problem. Say, you have a word that is clickable. That means the word has more content within itself. Now, say you will make that word into bold style or underline the word. Or you can even change the color of the word. Then is it easy for the user to differentiate the word from the rest of the content.

So now your user will easily recognize which words are clickable and which are not. This way you can also present your page in a better and simpler form. And it also serves the purpose of making content reach all your users.

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