Chrome Vox


ChromeVox is a screen reader created by Google. It helps the users to read content on the internet in the form of speech.

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Making your computer talk. Have you ever had this thought? Well, for the visually impaired a talking computer is the only way to read content on the internet.

One of my friends always says, “Apart from a family you can find everything else on google”. If you think about it yes Google has grown massively over the years.

Keeping visually impaired in mind Google came up with a screen reader of their own called ChromeVox.

It is available as an extension for Google Chrome on both Windows and macOS. It also comes built into any computer running Chrome OS like any Chromebook.

Chrome Vox makes the keyboard commands even more easier, helping your users to navigate through your website. This feature eases the whole process of using the internet for your users. Due to this simplified usage, your users can read more information in lesser time.

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