It is the process of making sure that any kind of person can use your website easily. This is done by making changes on your website so that it supports usage by the disabled.

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You have a few guests coming to stay with you for a week. What changes will you do at your house?

A few would be: clean and organize the guest room and bathroom, plan food to serve them and so on. Sometimes your guests might have special requirements. Like, say a person is allergic to peanuts. In this case, you will make changes to your meal plan as needed.

Once you meet all the requirements, any guest would go back with a smile on their face when you host them well!

In the same way, your website should be user friendly for any person who visits it. Any user should be able to read and use your content without facing any problems.

Say a deaf person visits your website. And you have audio content on your website. You do have the transcript written below the audio content. Then the deaf user can consume all the information on your website effortlessly.

This process of setting up your website so that it can be used by everybody is termed as accommodation.

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