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Web Accessibility Tools are the tools used to design, develop and test your website with respect to its accessibility.

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With each passing day, the internet is becoming a significant part of everybody’s lives. In such a living, it is important for all the website owners to be sure about the accessibility of their website.

We can pat the back of web technology only when the web can be used by all. Keeping that in mind you have to build and then test your website for accessibility.

Web accessibility tools is a big umbrella under which all different kinds of tools come under. These tools help in making your website disabled-friendly.

The tools are of two categories. First, the tools used to personalize your website.  Tools in such as font resize, background highlight, etc.

Second, the tools used to test your website accessibility. Some of them are accessibility scanner, WAVE. These tools will test your website for any accessibility issues. And it also provides suggestions for the required changes.

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