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An accessibility statement is a document that contains an overview of the accessibility features of your website. It acts as a resource for those who have questions about the features of your website.

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“I hereby declare that all information in this resume is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.”

We often see this at the bottom of resumes. Yes, it is called a declaration. In a declaration, you acknowledge all the data you have written in the document.

Likewise, you have to include declarations on your website to define the level of web accessibility your website aims to achieve. These declarations are collectively known as accessibility statement.

This accessibility statement is in the form of a short information page. It also contains your contact information. So that your users can contact you for any queries.  This page linked in the footer of every page of your website.

If every website was fully accessible, there would be no need for accessibility statements. Until the web reaches that point, publishing a statement is a good start in helping people with disabilities.

When you publish an accessibility statement your user gets to know that you have put some efforts to make the website accessible.


They will generally be happy and will not raise lawsuits without any reason. In other words, you can avoid accessibility lawsuits.

More Information

Importance of Accessibility Statements:

  • It shows your users that you care about accessibility and about them.
  • It gives them information about the accessibility of your website.
  • It demonstrates your commitment to accessibility.
  • It identifies which accessibility standards have you used.
  • It defines your accessibility goals. It gives information on who to contact in case there are accessibility issues on the site.

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