Accessibility Laws


Accessibility laws are the laws passed by different countries. These laws state that all kinds of content have to be made accessible to disabled people across the world. These laws are also termed as Accessibility Regulations.

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You have taken a long term loan of a certain amount from the bank. So you have to pay some amount of monthly installments to the bank along with the interest.

What if you fail to pay your installment for a month? Most commonly the bank might charge you extra interest or a fine amount for the remaining loan.

And if you do the same mistake repeatedly you might have to face worse conditions. Bank can put charges against you. This will involve you in a lot of legal processes. As the bank would have already defined some rules to be followed in the loan agreement.

In the same manner, every country has defined certain accessibility laws for its citizens to follow. For example, America has Section 508 and the ADA for accessibility.

To make any digital products such as a website or software accessible, you should follow certain rules. These rules can be found in the laws defined by your country. If you fail to follow the laws there are chances that you might have to face accessibility lawsuits.

However, developing accessibility friendly products has been made easy. You can make use of accessibility solutions like accessibility plugins, accessibility scanners, accessibility audits.

More Information

Accessibility laws across the globe:

Australia: Disability Discrimination Act - Has specific provisions to accommodate people with disabilities.

Denmark: Freedom to Choose - Action Plan for IT use by People with Disabilities.

Spain: The Spanish Law 51/2003 (LIONDAU) - Establishes the basic conditions of accessibility and non-discrimination for access and use of technologies, products, and services.

Germany: BGG (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz: Translates to Disability Equality Law) - Requires equal treatment of people with disabilities.

United Kingdom: Equality Act 2010: Requires site owners to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to make their sites accessible to people with disabilities

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