Accessibility Design Principles


Accessibility Design Principles are certain web accessibility requirements defined by the World Wide Web Consortium. These requirements are to be fulfilled by the vendors who want to make their websites disabled-friendly. These principles are also called Accessibility Standards.

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accessibility depends on several aspects. A few of them are web content, user tools, developing tools and so on. These aspects are related to each other.

For example, you must have text alternatives for images on your website. These texts have to be conveyed to assistive technologies, like screen readers. To create such text alternatives, content creators need tools like CMS that support them in this task.

This is where Web Accessibility Standards make things easier for you. Accessibility standards define accessibility requirements such as,

  • Description of data represented on charts and diagrams.
  • Text transcripts and captions for audio and video content.
  • Sign language interpretation of audio content.

Some accessibility requirements like alternative text, simple sentence, proper color contrast, correct font size are easy to meet. Some requirements like creating transcripts for audio and video content is time-consuming.

In all cases, understanding the accessibility standards will make your job easier. You will have a point of reference to work on making your website more accessible.

More Information

The Web Accessibility Initiative provides a set of guidelines that are internationally recognized as the standard for web accessibility. Those are:

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