Accessibility Awareness


Accessibility awareness is an act of spreading awareness about the need for web accessibility. This act drives more and more people to make their website accessibility friendly.

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Let’s see a few simple tasks. One, Unplug your mouse from the system and try continuing your work on the computer. Two, close your eyes and use a  keyboard along with a screen reader to browse through the internet. Three, Mute your system and try watching a video with captions.

This is the daily life of a disabled person. It is hard for us to live such a life for a few minutes. This kind of living is a permanent condition for many people across the world.

Accessibility awareness is the state of being aware of such people and conditions. By being aware you will be able to build a better accessible website.

Browsing the internet, using social media, or texting on phones is a part of our daily routine now. And these are simple tasks for most of us.

While we are happily enjoying all these benefits, accessibility-related barriers stop millions of people with disabilities from easily using the internet. Sometimes it even scares them to come into the light!

Hence awareness is really important in this field of web accessibility. On the same note, in 2012 Global Accessibility Awareness Day was started to highlight the need for increased digital accessibility.

Accessibility awareness helps in building a better accessible website.

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