Assistive Technology


Assistive technologies are tools/software designed to help people with disabilities to access and use web contents.

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A blind person can’t read the content on your website. A dyslexic person can’t read digital information. A deaf person can see the video played on-screen but can he understand it? No. People with physical disabilities can't use a mouse/keyboard to browse your site.

Do you think all these disabilities will stop people from using the information on the internet? Of course not.  Then how do they read and understand this content? There are special tools for this called Assistive Technologies.

A deaf person can hear sounds and speech by using a hearing aid. Handicapped people use a wheelchair to move around. Like that, we have software like screen readers, screen magnifiers, switch devices and so on to help disabled people to use digital content.

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Assistive technologies for different disabilities:

Visual imparities-

  • Screen readers: Converts on-screen text into audio format.
  • Braille displays: Converts text into Braille format (letters in form of raised dots)
  • Screen Magnifiers: Enlarges text and graphics on a screen. It can also be used to customize font sizes, colors and text spacing.

Hearing imparities:

  • Closed Captioning: Converts on-screen audio into texts and displays with running video.


Learning difficulties/Dyslexia:

  • Writing and reading assistant: Helps dyslexic people with reading and writing tasks.
  • Screen modifiers: Makes changes to the contents of the screen to make it disability reader-friendly.



Voice to text: Recognizes voice commands and converts it to text to navigate through your webpage.

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