Web Accessibility Solution


These are solutions for all the accessibility issues on a website. These solutions are of different forms. Such as accessibility toolbar, accessibility scanner, accessibility monitor and a few more.


They say, ‘Every problem has a solution’. That’s almost true! But even before that, finding the problem is the first step.

Issues on a website are hard to recognize until we face any. For example, close your eyes and try using your website. Or stop using the mouse and browse through your website just by using your keyboard.

Hard isn’t it?? These might not be issues if all your users are perfectly abled. But that is not the case.

More than 1 Billion people across the world are specially-abled. That is roughly 1 in 8 are disabled. This crowd definitely can’t access your website without some special changes on your website.

To address such a huge population, you should get issues fixed on your website. Web Accessibility Solution is a kind of service to the people. Accessibility agencies provide this service.  It is done in various ways such as Accessibility scanner, Accessibility Plugin, Overlays and so on.

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Accessibility Enabler helps thousands of people to over come their disability every month. Make your contribution to the society.

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