Mnemonic is a learning strategy designed for kids who have disabilities. It is also used by all kids. It is used to improve the memory of the kids.


Let us go back to our history lessons. If you remember, there were so many battles fought. We had to remember their names, the dates they were fought in, who was it fought between and so on.

In such a scene, getting confused and forgetting is very common. In the same way, your disabled users might find it difficult to remember your content. Mostly the people with learning disabilities.

Here is a way out. That is, by using Mnemonics when you build content for your website. This is how mnemonic works: You can make your users understand and remember new content by using the content they already know.

Let’s see a simple example which we have learnt in our school days. As kids how did we remember the 9 planets in our solar system?

Like this:

Mnemonic Words to be remembered
My Mercury
Very Venus
Eager Earth
Mother Mars
Just Jupiter
Showed Saturn
Us Uranus
Nine Neptune
Planets Pluto


The mnemonic on the left column can be easily remembered. As they are words we use commonly. By keeping that in mind the 9 planets also stay in memory easily.

The complex content on your website can be simplified in this way. So that all kinds of users can make the best use of your content.

More Information

Methods for teaching mnemonics:

  1. Keyword Strategy: Linking new information to words that are already encoded to memory.
  2. Pegword Strategy: This strategy uses rhyming words to represent numbers or order.
  3. Letter Strategy: This strategy involves the use of acronyms. Acronyms are words whose individual letters can represent words in lists of information. For example, the acronym - VIBGYOR stands for the colors of a rainbow. That is Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

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