Impairment is a disability of a specific type. Impairments are problems in the structure or function of the organs of our body.


Each one of us faces some kind of disability that may be temporary or permanent. Likewise, impairment is a permanent kind of disability. Most of the times it does not have a cure.

But why are we bothering about all this? Because impairments should not stop anybody from using digital content. Impaired people can read and use content from your website only when your websites are accessibility friendly.

You can make your website more accessible by following accessibility guidelines on your website. By following them, you can ensure that all kinds of people can make use of your content.

More Information

Common kinds of impairments:

  1. Vision Impairment: Partially or fully blindness, Color blindness, Aging
  2. Hearing Impairment: Partially or fully Deaf, Aging.
  3. Motor Impairments: One or more physical parts of the body do not function properly.
  4. Learning Impairment: Dyslexia.

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