Dyslexia is a learning disability that makes an individual’s ability to read, write and speak difficultly. People with dyslexia face problems with reading, pronouncing words, spelling, writing words, attention span, and others.


All of us have one or another disability. Dyslexia is just one among them. Don’t think that people with disabilities have low intelligence. That isn’t the case.

Dyslexia affects a part of the brain. People with Dyslexia have a normal intelligence level like you and I have.

You could help such people on your website by keeping your level of English language low. Think that you are writing for the 7th-grade students. Make sure you don’t have long and complex sentences in your writing. Also, you can avoid complex words and replace them with simple words that have the same meaning.

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Types of Dyslexia: 

Phonological Dyslexia: Difficulty in decoding and assembling words by recognizing their letter sounds.

Surface Dyslexia: Difficulty in recognizing simple, commonly used words.

Visual Dyslexia: Difficulty in reading and remembering the read content.

Primary Dyslexia: This is a genetically inherited type of dyslexia that damages the left part of the brain.

Secondary/Developmental Dyslexia: This involves problems in the development of the brain during the developmental stages of a fetus. It mostly cures with age.

Trauma Dyslexia or Acquired Dyslexia: This occurs due to a brain injury caused by a trauma or disease. It causes difficulty in reading, writing and language processing.

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