Alt tag


Alt tag also called alternative tag. It provides text equivalents for non-text content. It is usually a short text that describes images.


A screen reader reads out the content on a web page. As it reads imagine it comes across an image on the screen. Now arises the confusion! Do you think it is possible to ‘read’ an image?

Of course not. A screen reader will not able to understand the image. This is where alt tag plays its role. Let’s say, there’s an image of the Taj Mahal on screen. As the screen reader approaches the image, it says: “An ariel view of the Taj Mahal”.

This is possible because this text has already been assigned to the image. This text is added inside the HTML code. This way of assigning text is called alternative tagging. Hence your readers will not miss any form of on-screen content.

Example :

<img title=”An ariel view of the Taj Mahal” src=”taj-mahal.png” alt=”An ariel view of the Taj Mahal”  />

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