Accessibility Conformance


Accessibility conformance is the act of adhering to the law and following the standards of accessibility. Violating the laws leads to a risk of accessibility lawsuits.


One fine day you get a mail. Upon opening it you discover that somebody has filed a lawsuit on your website. Of course, it’s a moment of surprise and shock!

So now you have to get your website tested for accessibility issues to make it accessible for disabled. This is done by accessibility experts.

Upon testing, you understand that your website was not fully up to the accessibility standards. Your website has violated a few accessibility laws. And all this happened because you weren’t aware of Accessibility Conformance.

Yes, conformance is an act of fulfilling all the accessibility requirements mentioned in the guidelines and laws. Only then your website will have maximum accessibility.

And you have already seen the effects of violation of laws. You have to take some time and effort to understand and implement the accessibility standards on your website.

These efforts will take you a long way and save you from unwanted future lawsuits!

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