Accessibility Bar


Accessibility bar is a software add-on that is installed on a website. It adds features that help people to personalize your website according to their needs. It is also called Accessibility Plugin.


You must have seen a carpenter use a toolbox. A toolbox contains many tools like Saw, Tape Measure, Screw river, etc. These tools help the carpenter to do his job easily.

Likewise, the accessibility bar is a toolbar that has many tools. Your users can use any of these tools to personalize your website to their needs.

A few people need large font size. A few need different kinds of font styles. A few other need a scale to read through the webpage.

All these tools are available in the accessibility toolbox. This helps them to understand the content of your website more conveniently.

When the convenience of your website increases people will appreciate this. And also they will stay as your customer for a long time. And this functionality will be spoken among other users too. Thus bringing in more people to your website.

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