Is web accessibility worth my money?

Is web accessibility worth my money?

Are you thinking to spend money on your website accessibility?

Have you been wondering about these questions?

Should I invest in it?
How much does it cost?
Is it worth it?

Okay! Let’s start with
“Is it worth it?”

Investing in it can increase your sales

You are missing out on a potential customer base by not making your website truly accessible. Visually impaired, mentally disabled, and elderly users will not be able to buy your products from your website.

Your brand value improves with accessibility

An accessible website increases the user experience and willingness to buy from your website. This improves the trustworthiness of your business.

Keep your business safe from lawsuits

Lawsuits can cost your business a lot of time and wasted effort.
The number of accessibility lawsuits is increasing at a rapid rate.

Save your business from penalties

Inaccessible websites attract hefty penalties that will badly affect your business profits.
Take action to address this risk.

How much does it cost?

It depends on what solution you go and with whom.

The simple answer isn’t it?
Know the different solutions to find out the cost.

Different solution for accessibility

Accessibility Plugin

Plug and Play

Need less effort.

Accessibility Audit

Test for issues and then fix

Need developer and accessibility expert

Accessibility Overlay

Quick fix

Not permanent

Need extra efforts

Accessibility plugin for your website

This can be your best first effort towards accessibility. You just need to include a line of JavaScript code on your website.
The plugin gives various accessibility tools for your website visitors to customize your website based on your needs.

Cost: It depends on the traffic on your website.

Accessibility audit and remedy

An accessibility expert would test your website for accessibility issues and give you an audit report.
That report is passed on to your developer to fix the issues.

Cost: It depends on the number of pages to be audited and fixed.

Accessibility Overlay

This is a way to reverse engineer and fix the issues temporarily. If your website code changes in upcoming days, then you should do it all over again.

Cost: It depends on the number of pages and website traffic.

How should I proceed?

The best way to proceed is to start is by installing accessibility plugin on your website. Then eventually move on to get the accessibility audit done from an expert.

Should I invest in it?

Do you care about the above-mentioned advantages? Then YES.

Take your first step towards making the website accessible