How do web accessibility help my business

How does web accessibility help my business?

Hearing about the web accessibility a lot?

May be wondering with these questions?

Is it worth my time?
Is it really needed?
Why does it matter?
What’s the benefit?

Okay! Let’s start with the benefits…

Avoid legal complications!

Web accessibility is a mandatory law in your country. Violating it attracts lawsuits.

Avoid hefty penalties.

Ignoring web accessibility may lead to hefty penalties in the form of lawsuits which will kill your profit.

Demonstrate social responsibility

You can stand out from your competition by being accessible to everyone and demonstrating social responsibility?

Huge increase in your sales!

Accessibility increases the traffic of your website, ultimately bringing in more sales and visibility

Build a better reputation

Build your reputation among the user by implementing accessibility tools and keep your traffic flow higher than ever.

Does it worth your time?

If you do not have an accessible website, you are missing out on about 15 – 20% of U.S website users that have a disability, including: blind, color blind, deaf, autistic, dyslexia, learning disabled, elderly, and web users with physical disabilities.

Is it really needed?

Like to comply with the country’s law? If not absolutely not needed.

Does it really matter?
Do you care about the above-mentioned advantages? Then YES.

Take your first step towards making the website accessible