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How it works on your website

Promo Jet simplifies discount campaign creation and launch through its intuitive interface. With just four easy steps, you can unleash the power of targeted promotions

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Set up display

Choose widget or banner format to visually showcase your campaign and capture visitors' attention.

Configure discounts

Define discount type, code, messaging, and redirect page for compelling and enticing offers.

Schedule campaign

Strategically plan start and end dates to maximise the visibility and impact of your campaign.

Define rules

Target specific countries and pages to optimize the reach of your discount offers and increase conversions.

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Customization and Branding

Easy to use and customize

Create customized bundles and promotions effortlessly. Our user-friendly interface allows you to customize offers to match your store's branding with ease.

Easy Configuration
Boost Customer Trust

Boost customer loyalty and engagement

Drive customer loyalty and engagement by offering bundled discounts. Encourage repeat purchases and build a loyal customer base with compelling promotions.

Promo Jet Integration
Sales Booster

Increase your revenue

Maximize revenue on your product page with multiple product offers. Increase average order value and overall sales by enticing customers with attractive discounts.

Offer discounts on multiple products

Encourage customers to buy more by offering discounts on multiple items from your store.

Increase sales revenue

Offering discounts on multiple products can increase your sales revenue and boost your bottom line.

Easy to set up

Our Multiple Product Offer feature is simple to set up and customize to fit your store's needs.

Flexible discount options

Choose from various discounts, such as a percentage of fixed and amount off.

Promo Jet's adaptive and dynamic discounting approach has increase revenue by 31%

With Promo Jet, our country-wise discount campaign got implemented in just under 5 minutes. I recommend all digital products adopt parity pricing.

Now I see our revenue has increased by more than 27%  within a few weeks of usage.

Plus, their tech support is awesome. They were able to provide me with a testing window to check the various options on my staging site.

I highly recommend it!


Dynamic marketing message

No one-size-fits-all approach. Design a message template with placeholders and show a custom message to each visitor

Multiple discount types

Give any discount type to your visitors. Supports fixed, percentage, and shipping discounts.

Country-wise discount optimization

Limit a discount campaign for specific countries. Run multiple campaigns for different regions of the world.

Parity-based discount adjustment

Run PPP Deals. Optimize discounts based on the purchase power parity of the visitor's country.

Time-bound discount campaign

Run a discount campaign between specific dates. Automatically stops the discount after the campaign end date

VPN and Tor protection

We protect you from fraudulent transactions. We deduct VPN and tor usage to prevent abuse of discounts.

Latest purchase power parity data

We continuously updated the PPP ratio in our software based on OECD-published data.

Offer widgets and banners

Put all offers in a single place using a widget or show a single offer on a specific product page using banners.

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Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

This app has made running site-wide offers a breeze. It has discount widget where we show all products that are on discount sales. We are using this app for shipping discounts as well.Sachin helped us to set up the camapigns quickly.Overall, I highly recommend this app.

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It's a game changer for my stores. I was quickly able to give discounts based on visitors location. I hope this will increase our revenue this month. It has other use cases as well which we are yet to try. The customer support team is also top-notch and always ready to assist.

queenndiva Logo

The offer widget feature is game-changer for our store. Now it's easy for us to display all current deals on our website, which has helped increase conversions and revenue. The widget is customizable. The customer support team is also very responsive. I highly recommend this app.


Frequently asked questions

You can offer a percentage off, a fixed amount off
You can set a different discount amount for each product.
Yes, customers will see the enticing discount offers displayed through widgets and banners on all product pages per the conditions you added in the campaign. They can easily access and avail of the discounts by interacting with the widgets or banners.
The feature is available on all the plans.
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Optimize discounts, maximize revenue , increase sales

Promo Jet supports all your sales strategies. Helps expand your global reach with an adaptive and dynamic discounting approach.

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