Discount Code Distribution

Give suitable discount codes and maximize your revenue

Helps to give away the right discount offers to every visitor via a banner and discount widget

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Discount Widget
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Few customers of our discounting engine

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How it works

Set up a campaign

Create a campaign and schedule it with a start and end date

Configure discounts

Choose the discount type and set up default discounts.

Set parity discount rules

Configure discounts based on the purchase power parity ratio

Apply campaign rules

Apply campaign rules by visitor's country and page URL

Change look and feel

Apply color, placement, and size for banner and widget

That's it. You are done

We display discounts based on your configurations.

Promo Jet's adaptive and dynamic discounting approach has increase revenue by 31%

With Promo Jet, our country-wise discount campaign got implemented in just under 5 minutes. I recommend all digital products adopt parity pricing.

Now I see our revenue has increased by more than 27%  within a few weeks of usage.

Plus, their tech support is awesome. They were able to provide me with a testing window to check the various options on my staging site.

I highly recommend it!


Why are your digital products not selling across countries?

Your brand today

  Lacks optimal product price by location

Today, your digital product is not affordable to customers from less economically developed countries.

  Shoos customers off, hence no sales

Today, your product sales volume is low because your pricing is not optimized for the market's willingness to pay.

Your brand with Promo Jet

  Offer country-wise discounts (parity deals)

Our discount distribution engine helps you to give away discounts based on purchase power parity.

  Give deals with widget and banners

Showcase multiple product deals across your website in the widget. Give page-specific discounts via a discount banner.

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Purchase Power Parity

Price intelligently by the market's willingness to pay

Optimize discounts based on the purchase power parity of the visitor's country. This technique of dynamic pricing boosts your sales revenue growth.

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willingness to pay

Multiple use cases

No Code Pricing Software

Easy configuration, no coding is required

Setup and run your discount campaigns without the help of a developer. It's 100% no-code solution

Easy Configuration
Promo Jet Integration
Integrates With Any Website

Takes less than 2-minutes to install

Copy-paste a single line of javascript onto your website - just like installing google analytics.

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Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs.

Great customer support.With this app I was able to set up multiple campaigns based on visitor's country and PPP ratio. We've been able to offer targeted discounts to customers in different parts of the world.It's extremely easy to use and don't have cluttered UI like other apps.


It's a game changer for my stores. I was quickly able to give discounts based on visitors location. I hope this will increase our revenue this month. It has other use cases as well which we are yet to try. The customer support team is also top-notch and always ready to assist.

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Excellent app to increase revenue through targeted discounts.It has built-in fraud prevention feature. We are using this app for country wise shipping discounts. Sachin from customer support was very helpful.

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Fraud and abuse prevention - we deduct VPN and tor usage

We know your fear point.We have got you covered.

85% of internet users can't afford your product

Purchase power parity matters.You know, not everyone earns in dollars.

Latest purchase power parity data

We continuously updated the PPP ratio in our software based on OECD published data.

Worldwide proven pricing strategy

Many creators, marketers, and SaaS companies are already using the PPP pricing strategy.

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Revenue growth with location-based discounting.

Promo Jet helps expand your global reach with an adaptive and dynamic discounting approach. Charge more for higher-income economies and drop the price for other parts of the world.

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